Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Look Who Just Moved to Blogger!

Hey there!

So I made a big leap today: I moved from my WordPress blog site to Blogger!

It’s not easy to import all of my previous posts, so I haven’t checked that off my list, and I also haven’t gotten a blog makeover (yet), but I figured I’d get the ball rolling with a fun introductory post first!

If you’ve been following my Instagram account, you’ll know that I am presenting a Fabric Craft Camp this week to several sweet 8-13 year old girls. I wanted to show them how to make the adorable weaving creatures that I found on Pinterest. But unfortunately, the link was broken. I like to think I’m crafty, but with only one photo to go by, I couldn’t figure out myself how to make them. Luckily, I found another pin * that linked to a Bulgarian site. With a click of one button, the site was translated for me, and I was off!


I took a box of cereal, cut it into pieces about 2.5”X5” using a scrapbook paper cutter.


I folded the ends over about a centimeter or so wide, to create a space under the doll to weave the floss or yarn (I used embroidery floss).

Once folded, I cut four slits into each end, being sure not to cut all the way through.


Starting with the first slit, I wound string around the cardboard, securing it in each slit as I wrapped around. I tied the ends in the back.


I tied the floss around the first string, and began weaving across, continuing down several rows. Each time I changed colors (I did one color for the “hair,” one for the face, one for a shirt, and the last color for pants), I knotted the pieces of floss together and tucked the knot in the back.

For the pants, I wove floss several rows across, then all the way down one side using only two strings. For the other pant leg, I knotted a new piece of floss in the same color to the top of the leg, and began weaving down the second leg, again using only two strings.


When I completed these steps, I cut the strings along the center on the back of the board, and tied each pair of strings together (two strings for each leg, and two strings at each corner at the top of the head) to secure the floss. I added arms using extra string tied to each side.

The finishing touch is adding googly eyes and a button to give my doll a personality! One camper made her doll identical to mine Can you tell which doll is hers and which is mine?


*The link above works if you prefer to see the original blog post on how to make fabric weaving dolls