Thursday, April 9, 2015

I’m so excited about how pretty my classroom looks right now!

This idea came to me last year after the construction paper that was covering my bulletin boards fell off the wall. I was so frustrated that I just tore the rest down, and took the bulletin board displays with it.

Overreact much?

Why am I putting up with the frustration of creating educational and attractive bulletin board displays, only to have to cover them up in March or April? Or worse, take down my boards completely, then have no desire to recreate a new board display for a mere month or two?

So a thought came to me: rather than cover my boards with drab construction paper, I should cover them with beautiful fabric!


I bought the fabric over spring break and worked on my project without the benefit of testing it out as I went. My original plan was to use grommets to hang from the hooks above the bulletin boards, but unfortunately, my boards are too tall for the width of the fabric. In order to sew a hem, I’d need the extra inches.

I resolved that by attaching ribbon to the top edge. Originally, I decided that I could purchase Command hooks to attach above the boards. But that didn’t work as planned either, since there was the long length of bulletin board above them.


Simple, if primitive, fix: I attached the ribbon to the bulletin board. #easypeasy


I’m very pleased with the final product! I can easily pull the curtains aside to reference the boards each day after testing, and my classroom looks bright and cheerful, even with all of my pretty displays covered up!