Saturday, March 14, 2015

Duct Tape for the Win!

It's official: my students have used up all their pencils. Not bad, though, making it all the way till March! Rather than just handing out pencils, I'm assigning each student a specific pencil. This way, if I find one on the floor, I know who's not taking responsibility for their own materials, and there will be an end to the arguments of whose pencil is whose. 

I simply cut approximately four inch long pieces of duct tape, then split them in half to create thin strips. I wrapped them around each pencil near the eraser and secured the adhesive sides together. I trimmed the rough edges for a cleaner look, and finished up by writing each student's assigned number on the duct tape. 

My plan is to have them show me their nub of a pencil when they need a new one as evidence that they've taken care of it. It's never too early to learn responsibility for their things! 

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