Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Have You Ever Done A Book Talk?

Book Talks are an excellent way to engage your students in reading books they otherwise would have no interest in reading. 

It's a perfect "filler" activity for transitions, and will help settle your students down from an energetic activity like recess. 

The process is simple, and takes no more than five minutes of class time, so you can implement it at any point during the day. Once your students know what to expect from a Book Talk, they won't want to miss it! 

Here's how it works: 
I read aloud an interesting or mysterious excerpt from a chapter book that piques my students curiosity and leaves them wanting to read more. I stop reading at the "good" part, without giving away what happens. Anyone who's interested can take the book back to their desk for their next book. 

Let's face it: We all judge books by their covers. It's human nature. But teachers know that a book's cover doesn't always live up to the story inside. We know that, but not all kids know that.

A Book Talk is a great way to get kids past judging a book by its cover! 

Try it! I think you just might get "hooked"! 

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